What Does It Mean To Elope? 

To elope is to have an experience with your partner for your wedding day that is intentional. It represents who you are together as a couple that celebrates the love that you share.

How would you want to elope?

When you sit down and truly picture getting married, what comes to mind? Is it just the two of you running away to Vegas and getting hitched in a cute little chapel? Or do you maybe picture a courthouse wedding where you sign a piece of paper and start your lives together?

Elopements can be misunderstood. A lot of people think they only happen when the couple wants to ditch their families or because of a baby on the way. That elopements only happen in secret, but this is no longer the truth! The concept of eloping continues to evolve more and more for couples in this century!

Now, it's a way to create more meaningful experiences to couples, something intentional and that reflects the love between two people in a way that is unique to them. It's a way to get rid of the pressure, the anxiety or any obligations that come with a big wedding and can make the experience less fun for you. It grants you the freedom to commit to each other in the way you want, whether it's on a mountaintop in Colorado, on the black sand beaches of New Zealand or just revisiting the spot where you first met, re-capturing moments in that special place and now adding the memory of saying "I do." 

It's a day to make all about you, not a performance. 

So, if an intentional wedding experience like this, full of meaning and love and something that's unique to y'all, is what you pictured, then you were already seeking out an elopement - you probably just didn't know it yet. It's a brave choice to seek out something unique and intentional, and you deserve this beautiful moment between you two.

Let us help you create the exciting, stress-free wedding experience that you secretly desire. Contact us today! :) 



Reach out via our contact form and we'll send over a questionnaire to get started. We will include a brochure that has info on what’s included in each package and what our next steps look like.


During our phone call consultation, we can go over the packages together, as well as any questions you may have. This will also give us time to get to know one another!


Once you decide on a package that will best fit your dream wedding day, we'll send over the contract and information to get your date locked in and saved just for you.


Finally, your AMAZING day that is all about you and your significant other is here! And we will capture it from start to finish to make sure every moment is remembered (and worth being remembered). <3

"Makenzie is simply amazing and always going above and beyond. She understands how to connect with people and give direction that is also very fun to capture the type of expressions you want. Makenzie also is very well versed in how utilize lighting and space especially. Not only that, but when she’s at your wedding, you feel like family is at your event. She fits in so well and seamlessly. Her edits are also extremely beautiful. I can’t wait to hire her again. <3"

- Khushboo P.

"I found Makenzie through a DFW Brides on a Budget FB group, I had posted needing a photographer last minute to do our engagement shoot due to scheduling conflicts with the original one we booked. I had probably 40+ responses, but I looked at Makenzie's portfolio and it caught my eyes. She was exactly what I was looking for on how bright and dreamy her edits were. My fiancé and I are very awkward when it comes to posing for pictures because we don't know how and what poses look good. Makenzie was super helpful on telling us exactly how to pose and made it so fun for us that it didn't feel awkward and made us feel confident. When she sent us our files after a few weeks, they turned out even more beautiful! The different angles, how she edited them, the poses, etc. were all on point."

- Jasmine T.

"Makenzie did my wedding photos! She captured all of the moments so perfectly, and she was professional and sweet throughout the whole process!"

- Cassandra M

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